2022 Year-end Party & 2023 Expectation
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2022 Year-end Party & 2023 Expectation


To our valued employees, we, Mstirling, are thrilled to welcome a new year with you! This year has been a great time for growth. Your exemplary performance has helped clear the table, and we are truly grateful to you.

  • Annual Report

Work review of 2022; plan&expectation of the next year~ We will work harder and offer better service for all customers in the world.

5-Year-end Party

  • Award Ceremony

Congratulations! Metalli provide the year-end bonus according to the personal performance.

7-Year-end Party

  • Rraffle Draw & Group Photo

Exciting moment for everyone. Who will be the luciest one next year?

6-Year-end Party

  • Year-end Bonus

It is a recognition for the work of all employees

  • Closing Remarks

Thanks for your hard work this past year. Next year will be brighter and better.

  • Annual Dinner

Have fun and enjoy delicous food & drinks.

4-Year-end Party

What do you think should we perform at our year-end party?

Which program will be best on the new year show?

As this year concludes, may our teamwork continue to grow..

We're looking forward to welcoming the new year with you! Let us wish a fruitful year ahead.

Happy Lunar New Year!

With a vision of aiming to drive cooling technology limits towards a better life, Mstirling is dedicating to being a terminator of your cooling solution for your application. 




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