Plate Fin Heat Exchanger
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Plate Fin Heat Exchanger

Plate fin heat exchanger uses "sandwiched" passages containing fins to increase the effectiveness of the unit. The designs include crossflow and counterflow coupled with various fin configurations such as straight fins, offset fins and wavy fins.

Plate and fin heat exchangers are usually made of aluminum alloys, which provide high heat transfer efficiency. The material enables the system to operate at a lower temperature difference and reduce the weight of the equipment. Plate and fin heat exchangers are mostly used for low temperature services such as natural gas, helium and oxygen liquefaction plants, air separation plants and transport industries such as motor and aircraft engines.

Advantages of Mstirling's plate and fin heat exchangers:

• High heat transfer efficiency especially in gas treatment

• Larger heat transfer area

• Approximately 5 times lighter in weight than that of shell and tube heat exchanger.

• Able to withstand high pressure

Mstirling's main heat exchanger products include:

> Heat Sink

> Liquid Cooling Plate

> Oil cooler

> Intercooler

> Plate Fin Heat Exchanqer

> Condenser and Evaporator

> Microchannel Heat Exchanger

> Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger


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