Thank you for visiting (the “site”). We respect your privacy and value your relationship with us. This policy explains how and when collects personal information, what we do with it and your right to see or change it.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to let users of (the 'site') know when we collect personal information and what we do with it.

We don't use, share or transfer personal information in connection with the site except as set out in this policy, or as otherwise set out somewhere on the site (including in terms linking to the site).

Our site is not intended for anyone under the age of 18 years. If you are younger than 18, do not provide any information to this site.
Information we collect and how we use it
We do not need any personal information if you simply browse the site. However, if you intend to register to use the site, we may ask you to provide certain personal information that will be used to identify you or to enable us to communicate with you about your status either online or offline. We may require information such as your email address, postal address, name and cell phone number and you should ensure that the information is current, complete, and accurate – otherwise it will be difficult or impossible for us to provide you with access to our site and/or our services. If you choose not to provide any information at all, then we may not be able to provide you with our services.

We also collect information through a variety of ways, including you providing it directly to us, and through your conversations and your interactions with us (calls, emails, texts, etc).

All these personal details will be stored and kept in strict confidence subject to the terms of this privacy policy and our terms and conditions.

We may also contact you to request your comments about our service and notify you about important changes made to the site or our services. With your consent we may also contact you by email about products and services that may interest you.

If we need to collect your personal information from a third party, we will discuss that with you.
Storage, access and correction
As required by the Privacy Act 2020, we follow strict procedures when storing and using the information you provide. We are dedicated to keeping personal information secure. This includes physical security, computer and network security, communications security and personal security.

You have rights of access to, and correction of, personal information that we hold about you. You may correct or change the information collected at any time and as often as necessary. To access, correct or change your personal information, please complete the Contact Us form on the site.

Where we need to use the services of, and share your information with, third parties outside our site, steps are taken to reasonably ensure it has similar levels of data protection. If the third party is not in a country with similar levels of data protection, this will be made known to you and we will share as little information as is necessary and only upon receipt of your authorisation.

We use third party providers to store our data, including personal information. We take reasonable steps to ensure that our third party data processors meet our privacy and security requirements. All the information we hold about you will be processed and stored in accordance with data protection laws which include but are not limited to the Privacy Act 2020.
Use of your information
We may use your personal information:

1. To share with our employees and agents, and other third parties from time to time, in order to administer your account, assist with the provision of our services, recover unpaid debts and/or to enable our agents to assist us in arranging promotions, marketing, and programs. We do not share your information to our agents or third parties unless you have authorised us to do so (whether by accepting these terms or otherwise).

2. To monitor your use of our service, for the purpose of improving our service and our customer service and marketing (including marketing using non-identifiable statistics based on your use of our service) and ensuring that our service is not abused nor used wrongfully.

3. To provide you with news, reports and promotional material that we believe may be useful or of interest to you.

4. To comply with any statutory or regulatory obligation requiring disclosure or use of the information.

5. To assist any law enforcement or governmental agency in the performance of their proper functions, if we reasonably consider disclosure or use of the information to be necessary for that purpose.

6. For any use in connection with our contractual relationship with you.

7. For any legitimate purpose in connection with our business.

8. To compile statistical and analytical reports on the use of our service by all of our customers and end users, provided that such reports do not identify individual customers and end users.
How do we use cookies?
A “cookie” is a small text file that is placed on a device when it is browsing a website to enable the host of the website to store information about website use. In general, we use cookies to improve your online experience. Please have a quick search online to see what cookies mean and what they do.

You have the ability to disable cookies (for all sites) from within your browser settings and you can control the extent to which your device allows cookies. You can do this by changing the settings on the browser software that your device uses to access the internet.
This site generates persistent session cookies (that is, they have an expiry date and are removed on that date) for the purpose of monitoring site usage. The cookies don't collect personal information. You can disable them or clear them out of your web browser without affecting your ability to use the site.
Google Analytics
M-stirling uses Google Analytics on to help us improve the site.

You can find out how Google Analytics collects, processes and stores data by visiting:

We do not and do not assist or permit any third party to, pass information to Google that Google could use or recognise as personally identifiable information.

We may use demographic and interest data in our Google Analytics reports.

We may create audiences based on specific behavior, demographic, and interest data, and share those lists with Google Ads.

You can opt-out of these Google Analytics features by visiting Google Ads Settings
Your representation
When you use our site, purchase our products or utilise our services, you represent that the personal information of any third parties you provide to us are compliant with the Privacy Act2020 and that you have obtained the relevant consent from the said third parties.
Our staff accountability
Only staff members who have a legitimate business purpose for accessing and handling information obtained by us are given authorisation to do so. Any unauthorised access or use of such information by our staff members is prohibited.
Links to other websites
Since Mstirling was established from Metalli's business, the ONLY link in our site is about We are not responsible for the privacy practices and content of any other website that is linked to our site. You are responsible for investigating the privacy policies on all other websites.
Changes to our privacy policy
We may change and update our privacy policy from time to time by updating this posting on the site. Any such change and/or update of our privacy policy will take effect when it is posted on the site. We strongly recommended you review our privacy policy whenever you use the site.
Contact details
Our data privacy officer is responsible for overseeing your personal data requests. If you have any questions or intend to exercise your legal rights, or if you suspect that your personal information has been compromised, we would appreciate you contacting our data privacy officer as soon as possible.

Contact us for more information.

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