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High Efficiency Aluminum CE Air Conditioner Condenser
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High Efficiency Aluminum CE Air Conditioner Condenser

We have been focusing on thermal management field over 10 years. Our capabilities cover a wide range that provide you one-stop solution quicker and easier.

Mstirling has been focusing on design and manufacturing condenser and evaporator for auto air conditioner, and pre-cooled evaporator for refrigerated air dryers.

100% customized as your requirements. Support OEM/ODM. 100% meets the standards of GB, SGS, CE.

Product name : Aluminum air conditioner condenser

Aluminum air conditioner condensers are used in residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioning systems to transfer heat from the refrigerant to the ambient air. Their lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant construction makes them a popular choice in the HVAC industry. The aluminum fins and tubes are designed to maximize the surface area for efficient heat transfer, while the aluminum frame provides structural support and protection. Aluminum air conditioner condensers are also known for their excellent thermal conductivity, which means they can quickly and efficiently transfer heat between the refrigerant and the surrounding air. Due to their reliability and effectiveness, aluminum air conditioner condensers are widely used across various air conditioning applications, delivering effective cooling solutions for buildings of all types and sizes.

                                 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION






Aluminum alloy 3003


Outer Dimension (L*W*H)

Up to 600*600*40 mm


Working Pressure

3 Bars


Refrigeration Capacity

Up to 3 KW



Refrigerant material



Flat tube fin heat exchanger in parallel flow


Manufacturing Method

Controlled atmosphere brazing


Cooling Method

Air to coolant


Surface Finish

Natural or powder coating or zinc coating


Warranty time

1 year


Place of Region

Jiangsu province of China


Reference Standard

GB/T 3190-2008

M-stirling’s condenser or evaporator technologies include

Vacuum brazed or controlled atmosphere brazed aluminum parallel flow condenser or evaporator with flat microchannel tube and fins

◆ Controlled atmosphere brazed serpentine condenser with microchannel tube and fins

Auto air conditioning condenser

▲ Auto air conditioning condenser                        

Auto air conditioning condenser

The condenser acts as a heat exchanger that is used to convert high-pressure gas to a high-pressure liquid, then gets streamed to the Receiver Dryer until it continues to the expansion valve. The condenser works to reduce the temperature of the refrigerant at the time of the condensation process. When the warm temperature is successfully lowered, a cool liquid will be formed which will be released through the car air conditioner holes.

The air-conditioning evaporator is a small radiator inside the dashboard that provides cold air for the air-conditioning system. It’s called the evaporator because it’s where the freezing liquid refrigerant takes on any heat from the air blown through it and changes into a gaseous state (evaporating it) before returning it to the air-conditioning condenser to shed the heat; the process is constantly repeated. The air that emerges from the air conditioner is cold as a result.

M-stirling’s main condenser and evaporator

●    Auto air conditioning condenser

●    Auto air conditioning evaporator

●    Other custom parallel flow aluminum condenser and evaporator

We, Mstirling, focus on cooling and refrigeration field. Our products cover coolers, refrigeration parts, heat exchangers, ultra-low temperature cooling system and other refrigeration system.

As a professional manufacturer of cooling system parts and products, we could meet different clients' requests and develop new products with professional team and front-line skillful workers.

Quality Assurance

Quality aspects are comprehensively involved from design stage, design of process, tools & fixtures and packing must fit DFM(Design For Manufacturing) concept;
Lean six sigma tools are widely used at Mstirling to minimize process variations and guarantee consistent quality by implementation of continuous improvement;
Our advanced laboratory testing equipment in house provide us sufficient test data and verify quality characters and reliability;
Our engineers work closely with our inspectors to establish product quality files from the very beginning, documenting the manufacturing process of each product.
Visual & Dimensions Inspection:
  • 3D Imaging Test
  • Water Leak Detection Test
  • Helium Leak Deteciton Test
  • Wind Tunnel Test
  • Thermal shock Test
  • Immersion Ultrasonic C-scan Image Test
  • Flow Resistance Test
  • X-RAY Imaging Test

Customer First

Putting the customer first is the starting point and the key to our success
☛We translate their needs into business solutions.
☛We work closely with our customers and listen to customer's voices clearly to ensure their needs are clearly understood and transferred into our actions efficiently.
With a vision of aiming to drive cooling technology limits towards a better life, Mstirling is dedicating to being a terminator of your cooling solution for your application. 




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