High-Efficiency Low-Carbon Microchannel Heat Exchanger Technology
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High-Efficiency Low-Carbon Microchannel Heat Exchanger Technology


1. Scope of Technology

Applicable for energy-saving technology transformation in the refrigeration equipment field.

2. Technical Principles and Processes

Microchannel heat exchangers are compact and highly efficient. Compared to traditional fin-tube heat exchangers, they have a higher air-side heat transfer coefficient, no contact thermal resistance due to all-aluminum welding, and an overall heat transfer efficiency increase of over 30%. Applied in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, they meet higher energy efficiency requirements, significantly reduce refrigerant charge quantities, and are compact, lightweight, and 100% recyclable. 


3. Technical Specifications

(1) Operating temperature range: -40~72°C.

(2) Air tightness: No bubbles observed during water detection leak test; Vacuum helium detection method: leakage rate less than 1.53×10-5 Pa/m3 at 1.7 MPa helium pressure.

(3) Pressure resistance: Maintains pressure for 1 minute at 4.5 MPa without leakage or deformation; Burst pressure greater than 13.5 MPa.

(4) Frontal area: 0.04~4 square meters.

(5) Heat transfer capacity: 0.6~120 kW.

(6) Internal residual moisture: <40 mg/m2.

(7) Internal impurities: Solid impurities less than 20 mg/m2, organic oil fraction less than 40 mg/m2.

4. Technical Features and Functions

(1) Heat transfer efficiency can be increased by 30%.

(2) Refrigerant charge quantity can be reduced by 50%.

(3) Volume can be reduced by 30%, and weight by 50%.

(4) Single aluminum alloy system component, directly recyclable.


5. Application Case

Nortek, a North American manufacturer, implemented a green and efficient heat pump outdoor microchannel heat exchanger project, with technology provided by Hangzhou Sanhua Microchannel Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd.

(1) Brief description of user energy use: Nortek is an air conditioning manufacturer. The original outdoor unit heat exchanger on residential split air conditioners used copper tube fin evaporators, which had low heat transfer efficiency, high refrigerant charge quantity, large product volume, and weight.

(2) Implementation details and timeline: Replaced the original copper tube fin heat exchanger with a microchannel heat pump heat exchanger using a self-developed single-row 16mm C-type heat exchanger structure.

(3) Energy-saving and emission reduction effects and investment payback period: After the transformation, the refrigerant R410A charge quantity decreased from 2.68 kg to 1.91 kg, a 29% reduction. Calculated for the sale of 100,000 sets of heat pump heat exchangers per year, the annual savings of standard coal is 0.65 million tons, and the annual reduction of CO2 emissions is 1.79 million tons.

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